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Pine Shores Real Estate LLC
Pine Shores Real Estate LLC
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What Clients Are Saying

We are very fortunate to have been referred to Mike when we decided to purchase a home in New Hampshire.

As our realtor, Mike made sure to understand what we were looking for and to get to know us. Mike’s priority was that we felt happy with a place over wanting to close a sale. He is dedicated, easy to communicate with and loves his job. At no point we felt pressured and always trusted that his opinion and advice was honest and in our best interest. Mike has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable agent. In the current competitive, fast-paced market environment, Mike’s professional support and accessibility resulted in us being able to confidently make a decision an placing a successful offer on our dream home. Mike ensured a smooth closing process helping to line up appointments and paperwork. He was there along the way and answered all our questions.

Stefi & Denis


Mike never hounded me, as is sometimes experienced by anyone looking to 'make a sale'. He allowed me to merely sift through any information he sent my way on my own accord and otherwise let me be while always making himself available as needed (and he was always available!).

After a few months of receiving the motel listing, Mike did reach out as he learned of new information he believed could have an impact on our consideration of the small motel property. Low and behold, never thinking I would ever actually consider purchasing a motel, my husband, Kevin, and I decided to entertain checking it out. Mike brought us to the showing on Friday the 13th (Sep 2019). The poor soul stood by and allowed us time with the (now) previous owners to ask every question that came to mind. The showing lasted close to 4 hours!! Mike never tried to rush us, the conversation, or our ultimate decision days later to make an offer. Once the offer was made and accepted, to my surprise, I learned this is where Mike's real support would begin! He became diligent of every requirement and was consistent to ensure the many, many detailed steps (given a commercial experience vs the typical residential) were addressed on time. Being from out of state, Mike provided us references of inspectors, insurance agents, lawyers - everything we needed for a successful transition, without missing a beat. He was there on closing day, and we have since built our previous association into a true friendship; one I hold dear.

Yes, I was very fortunate to reconnect with Mike Bagge. And if you are looking for a new home, business - or love shack on the lake - I highly recommend you connect with Mike Bagge too! 

I highly recommend you contact Mike Bagge at Pine Shores!